« Jusqu'aux extrémités de la terre, vous serez mes témoins »
Sœurs Missionnaires Notre Dame des Apôtres
 Dernière mise à jour
 le 1er décembre 2015

Soutenance de thèse de Kathleen

God, Weaver of souls,
out of the expanding creation
you have spun each of us into a unique, colourful strand
with our own special hue and texture. _You have woven us together into a single family that blankets the globe.
Open our hearts that we may celebrate in thanksgiving the wonder of the human fabric and dignity of all.
Help us to discover in each woman, a sister and in each man, a brother
so that we can traverse the boundaries between peoples and groups,
so that we can sow harmony in diversity and communion in divisions. _As we gather today, Lord, we ask you to fill us with your Spirit of wisdom and of love.

En date du : 1er juin 2008


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